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While working as the art critic for The Independent from 2012-2016, Zoe Pilger wrote extensively on feminism for a range of publications. Selected articles below.


Women and Comedy: Julia Davis and Muriel Spark

The Junket, August 2014


Virginia Woolf and the art of the Bloomsbury set

The Independent, July 2014


Female masochism: Mary Gaitskill's A Romantic Weekend

Waterstones Blog, June 2014


The female nude

The Observer, May 2014


Nymphomania and the history of art

The Independent, April 2014


Chris Marker and love

The Independent, April 2014


The 'spinster' and the 'whore': Francois Ozon's Swimming-pool

Electric Sheep, February 2014


Book of a Lifetime: The Second Sex by Simone de Beauvoir

The Independent, January 2014


Misogynist art and the muse: William Burroughs

The Independent, March 2014


Sarah Lucas

The Independent, October 2013


Eva Hesse 

The Independent, February 2013


Fifty Shades of Grey

The Week, July 2012


Ready To Die? Lana del Rey and tragic love

Frieze Blog, February 2012


2011 Frieze Writers Prize: Love Is What You Want, Tracey Emin

Frieze, September 2011 


















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