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Zoe Pilger is a a tarot reader. She was mentored by an expert in the field from 2017-18 and since then she has read widely, mostly for people in creative industries. She draws on Jungian concepts and multiple mystical traditions to orientate the reading, as well as her own training in images as an art critic, academic, and novelist. She likes to assist people in accessing and trusting their own intuition.


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"I absolutely adored having my cards read by Zoe. I have never had readings before so did not know what to expect, but Zoe’s approach was intellectual, warm and generous.  She was so insightful and it felt incredibly personal and helpful to me in making some future decisions whilst also understanding past circumstances.  I would highly recommend her as a brilliant and wise tarot reader."

Jessie Ware, singer

"I love having Zoe read my tarot. It’s a special experience. You feel as if you are in the hands of both a gifted natural and a professional. She is calm, generous and thoughtful - both with the cards and you - and her knowledge and intuition are deeply impressive. I always leave feeling enlightened and stronger after seeing Zoe, and I recommend her wholeheartedly to anyone looking for a guided space to meditate on where they find themselves in life." 

Jessie Burton, novelist

"As a skeptic of new age therapy, I was blown away by how profound Zoe’s reading was. The cards served as a way to discuss things I was grappling with at the time. And Zoe’s calm and analytical presence was what made the experience that much more insightful. I came away with a new tool to help deal with unanswered questions and I hope you find that too with Zoe."

Tara John, journalist

"It was a pleasure and a privilege to have my Tarot cards read by Zoe.  Her deeply intellectual approach to the Tarot, grounded in a wealth of Jungian and art historical knowledge, is complemented by her keen instincts and intuitive response to the people and situations before her.  I was fascinated, intrigued and reassured by her reading, which didn’t rush to explain, or to force meaning onto anything, but let possibilities swirl and arise entirely naturally, as she guided me to a deeper understanding of the circumstances in my own life that had brought me to her.  I felt entirely safe and in trustworthy hands.  I would thoroughly recommend an hour in her company."

Lucy Caldwell, novelist


"I am not sure what I expected from the experience of having my Tarot read, having never done it before, but I came away from my session with Zoe feeling uplifted and moved, and with the sense that I had been in Zoe’s care for the duration of it - also that I had been the recipient of really focused, benevolent attention. The process was both mysterious and simple, clear and lulling. It helped me to think and talk about some of the things going on in my life in a way I hadn’t been making space for, and I’m very grateful for that. Zoe has a gift for this as well as a well of knowledge and experience."

Hannah Westland, publisher


"I was a little nervous at the thought of having my Tarot cards read. However, Zoe has a very calm presence and so, as the reading began, I soon became more and more relaxed and immersed in the process. I let go and followed the cards insights about my life, past, present and future. Through her careful guidance I was prompted to consider, reflect and understand where I was and the journey that I was on. The calmness and experience of Zoe, the surroundings and the ease of communication made it a truly insightful, useful and enriching experience."

Josephine Green, consultant in social and cultural change.

"Zoe brought a deep understanding to my tarot reading that I could really connect with, and more importantly, found inspirational. It was an informative experience and helped me feel directed. As it stands today, a lot of it came true!"

Sophie, hedge fund sales.


"Zoe is a very intuitive and empathetic tarot reader. She is candidly honest and yet, kind when providing her incisive insights about the cards. I found my reading to be a blend of excitement, intrigue and true revelations. I recommend her highly."

June C, editor and writer.


"I had never done a tarot reading before, and I was nervous, but Zoe immediately made me feel at ease with a smile and a cup of tea. Zoe created an engaging working atmosphere that was both professional, respectful, and friendly. In clear words she explained her reading method, then encouraged me to ask a question. Once the cards were laid out, she described the symbolism and various meanings behind each one of them, and behind the layout as a whole. 

I left Zoe feeling empowered and exhilarated. Zoe’s reading was actually more than just a reading — she did not simply ‘read’ the cards to me, but engaged me in an in-depth exploration and discussion about my life and the question that I had posed. The reading was a collaborative effort in which Zoe, through her insight and in her role as a spiritual guide, and I, through reflection, were able to shed new light on a question that I had been struggling with for quite some time. Thanks again to Zoe for such a meaningful experience, one that continues to have a positive effect on my life to this day."

Lisa Cato, flight attendant.

"I'd never had a tarot reading before I received one from Zoe Pilger and had no idea what to expect. I am glad to say that I really enjoyed the experience and gained some interesting insights into my present state of affairs. Zoe is a calm and wise presence and has many good insights."

S. Mills, novelist.

"I had an illuminating and very enjoyable tarot reading with Zoe. I was made to feel comfortable and relaxed in what felt both an intimate and intellectual experience. Zoe's insights, and the manner in which she approached her interpretation, has, in the months since, been nurturing and validating. And, of course, at the time, it was a fascinating, positive - and extremely fun - exercise."

Joe Thomas, novelist.


'I still remember vividly my Tarot readings with Zoe. She offered to read for me twice last year when I was facing a big decision in leaving London for Romania. There were a couple of  aspects to our sessions that make me return to Zoe regularly. Firstly, her knowledge of the Tarot meant that she could explain in depth the meaning of the cards she drew. Her ability to connect this knowledge back to what was going on for me at the time was key to me leaving the session feeling seen, guided and encouraged. She was tangibly present and attuned to myself and the questions I brought. She checked in with me regularly and I felt comfortable and safe throughout our time together. The space was lit with candles and incense and we had herbal tea. I recommend Zoe to anyone who wants an empathetic and thoughtfully held space to reflect on the questions that matter most to them.'

Roxana Bacian, designer

'Zoe read my cards and also my husband’s. She was professional and discreet and I thought she approached the reading with a good balance between intuition and knowledge. She is clearly interested in other people’s lives and feelings and this makes her a sensitive and empathetic tarot reader. I would recommend her highly.'

Anna, editor



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